VA12 A7 Restoration Project


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The VA 12 Reunion Association has accepted the opportunity to resurrect the Flying UBANGI on an aircraft in a museum.  The Valiant Air Command in Titusville, Florida has acquired an A-7-A for its Vietnam Era Collection.  Thanks to Retired Chief Bud White, the Command has agreed to let us restore the A/C to museum display quality and for us to paint it in the VA12 markings including the infamous Kiss of Death.  We will need to raise the funds to pay for the paint and materials.  We will need to provide manpower to clean, prepare and paint some areas of the bird as well as help to create the display with the history of VA12.  The current estimate is $3000.  Although the plane is in pretty good shape, it is not intended to be made airworthy. Museum quality only. Pictures will be posted on this page to show progress. Capt.  Austin (OBie) O'Brien has volunteered to supervise the workers to keep them on task.  If you live in or near central Florida and would like to help with the restoration, you can contact me at for days and times that we will be working and where. Currently we are scheduled to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 - 3.
If you are unable to assist with the physical work effort, please consider contributing to this effort financially, please send your tax deductible donations to:
Terry Nies
2741 Michigan Ave. New address as of 10/23/12
West Melbourne, Fl.  32904

News Alert! 3/18/2013
The Plane is ready for display and the Ubangi is flying high proudly once again. Thank you to all that contributed to the effort and especially to Capt. (Ret) Austin OBie O'Brien for his generous support and encouragement for the project. The plane goes on public display at the Annual Valiant Air Command Warbird Air Show Friday March 22, 2013. I have to say it turned out 4.0 and I am damn proud to be a Ubangi. What a rush it was to watch the last decal go on tonight.

Checks should be made out to:
 Valiant Air Command and annotated to be for the VA12 A7 Project.

I will deposit them at the Museum in our account.
Thank you in advance shipmates!
Terry (Stubby) Nies
Click on images below to view the full size pictures.
A7A first look A7A first look Vertical Stab Tail section to sand and repaint both sides Horizontal Stab Horizontal Stabilizer is probably the worst area. Needs total strip and repaint.
Port side wing tip Port side wing tip underside paint is cracked and some corrosion to clean and repaint. Starboard wing tip Starboard wing tip underside paint is cracked and will need to strip and repaint. Underside of port wing Underside of port wing
Bud White port elevatorDay 1 Bud White Terry (Stubby) NiesStubby etched metalWhat we found under the paint.
Day 2 Starboard side tail Day 2 Starboard tail cleaned off. The Ubangi Flys again
VA12 Titusville DET.
Terry, OBie, Bud
A little over 13 months of working on it and the UBANGI Flies high and proud once again!